The Ticketing Professionals Conference is a great two days together every year, but many of us think that learning and discovery of events could and should be all year. That’s why they are launching a series of webinars, to discuss ticketing practices or products that could benefit your business or way of working.
They will have Arenametrix are going to be our first guests, and have been working with Louis to develop the content and style, and really hope you can join them on the 24th of October at 2pm
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Arenametrix will be on the first TPC webinar

Louis to summed up what Arenametrix was and why people should join the webinar

“Today more than ever you are collecting great amounts of data from your audiences. This data is a goldmine to create  personalized experiences and grow ticketing revenues.

We developed a simple platform, Arenametrix, that helps sports teams, cultural and leisure organizations unify all their data sources (Ticketing, Cashless, Access control, Merchandising…) and assists them in communicating more effectively.”

The webinar will be a discuss of the issues with seperate data sets and trying to combine the in a single view, along with a brief overview of some of Arenametrix’s tools and how they can be used to

  1. Build loyalty with your audiences
    • Acquisition and retention – adapt your communication to your objectives and audience profile through advanced segmentation

  2. Analyze and optimize your sales

    • Learn how to identify and expose strengths and weaknesses within your ticketing strategies

    • Forecasting – using past sales data to better sell today

  3. Fill your venues

    • Are you adapting your prices to the demand and context? See how very simple rules can be applied to maximize attendance and revenues.

They will then wrap it up with a Q&A session hosted by Andrew Thomas.

Look out for other webinars from TPC, as we continue to help push education and information to the industry.

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