More and more of my time is now being spent discussing with vendors and venues the subject of bar-codes. I might hasten to add, not how can we get more people to print at home, get them to their seats faster or even monetise the real estate on the piece of paper concerned. No, its all about the ongoing patent discussions.

I know there have been organisations who have paid licence or usage fees, as well as some, that have refused to. I am no patent expert, but I have my views on what is happening and its validity, which perhaps you can guess?

A number of vendors have discussed their conversations and actions with the company affected with me, as well as sharing some arguments put forward by the respective legal representatives. One has suggested, several have agreed that the Ticketing Institute website would be a good place for information to be shared, where it does not breach any legal agreements undertaken. I thought this was a great idea, and have now established a distribution list for this purpose.

This list will

  • be open to persons working for a recognised ticketing system provider for Arts, Sports or Entertainment
  • be used to share artwork or documents (some may be redacted or anonomised)  sent to or discovered by us with other members of the list
  • not, in anyway be endorsing the actions, words or opinions of the documents, their contents or authors.
  • be opened up to venues if we believe it is in the interest of the group to do so
  • not be given advice, opinion or guidance on their own actions

Any questions, please contact us