MIAMI, FL (Jan. 16, 2018) –TicketPlan Group, the leading provider of ticket cancellation protection in the UK, and APRIL Travel Protection, the rapidly growing U.S. division of a global insurance conglomerate, have recently announced a strategic alliance across all 50 states within the United States. Co-branded as TicketPlan powered by APRIL Travel Protection, the new partnership paves the way for the development of a global network serving the insurance needs of event ticketing professionals worldwide.


Ticket cancellation is now a standard customer requirement in all areas of the event ticketing world and TicketPlan is the premium brand in the sector. Its alliance with APRIL—an innovator in the U.S. supported by the international presence of the 30-year-old APRIL Group—creates a compelling proposition for the event ticketing industry.


“APRIL’s strength in the U.S. coupled with the international backing of its parent company will make TicketPlan an even more valuable resource for entertainment ticketing professionals seeking a one-stop-shop for international event protection solutions across the global marketplace,” said Jason Schreier, CEO for APRIL Travel Protection.


The collaboration launches at the INTIX Conference in Baltimore, MD on Jan. 23 following an extensive research and operational effort undertaken by both companies due to the complexities of U.S. regulatory requirements which differ across all 50 states.


“APRIL has the in-depth regulatory knowledge and expertise to bring new ticket insurance facilities to market quickly, efficiently and professionally,” said Graham Berg, CEO of the TicketPlan Group.


“TicketPlan pioneered the concept of ticket cancellation protection within the UK and is now the accepted benchmark for ticket insurance and protection in many overseas markets as well,” Berg noted. “This partnership with APRIL marks an exciting new stage in our mutual development.”


“Our collective relationships will be an asset for industry players looking to globalize without having to develop operations and navigate regulatory compliance in each international market,” added Schreier.


TicketPlan policies for ticket cancellation insurance in the U.S. will be underwritten by StarNet Insurance Company or Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company, and will be administered and marketed through APRIL.


The product and sales teams from TicketPlan and APRIL will collaborate on ongoing projects to generate leads and raise awareness throughout the industry of the opportunities created by the joint venture. TicketPlan Powered by APRIL Travel Protection will be officially unveiled at the 38th Annual INTIX Ticketing Conference at the Hilton Baltimore, Jan. 23-25, 2018.


Visit www.apriltravelprotection.com/ticketplan for more information.


About TicketPlan

TicketPlan was established in 1999 enabling ticket sellers to provide an added value service to their customers and to develop a new and valuable incremental source of income. An ever increasing number of ticketing organisations across the UK and Europe now trust TicketPlan to provide their ticket cancellation facilities. Visit www.TicketPlanGroup.com for more information.



About APRIL Travel Protection

APRIL Travel Protection is owned by APRIL, an international group with operations in 31 different countries.  APRIL is listed on Euronext Stock Exchange and has yearly sales of more than $1.1 billion. With Insurance Made Easy as it guiding principle, the APRIL Global Assistance Network benefits from an extensive organizational structure servicing more than six million policyholders worldwide. The company’s U.S. division is headquartered at 11900 Biscayne Blvd. Suite 610, Miami, FL, 33181. Visit www.AprilTravelProtection.com to learn more.