Functionality Builder

The Functionality Builder was designed to remove the guess work or grey area around systems’ functionality when selecting a new ticketing or CRM platform.

We found that too many organisations were developing “complete” lists of their requirements, that stretched over a handful of criteria, often failing to future proof their decisions by not looking at the longer term picture or understanding the true possibilities that modern systems can offer.

Essentially, the Functionality Builder offers a comprehensive set of over 650 criteria spanning a wide range of venue and organisation types and patterns of operation.

You can choose to set the importance of criteria for your organisation from ‘Not Required’ through ‘Useful’, ‘Desirable’, to ‘Essential’, in addition to those criteria already in the system, suggestions can be made to extend the functionality criteria to meet the unique needs of any particular organisation.

Through a separate interface and unable to see your organisation or its answers our registered system suppliers have added their functionality in the same criteria ability to meet the criteria to a five point scale, from ‘Met’, ‘Next Version’, ‘Workaround’, ‘Development Required’ to ‘Not Possible’.

This tool enables organisations to define their requirements before starting to procure ticketing, marketing and CRM solutions from suppliers. You can see which of those suppliers you wish to tender can actually meet your needs. It is an inter-active tool, working directly with system suppliers, to ensure that you can find ‘fit-for-purpose’ solutions and then invite to tender only appropriate suppliers.

Professional Advice and Guidance Available

While the Functionality Tool is a powerful standalone tool, our system procurement assistance becomes even more effective when combined with our one-on-one consulting. Ticketing Institute consultants are available to assist you in all aspects of system selection, including analysis of the Functionality Builder findings, management of the system demonstrations, and advice on vendor negotiations and agreements.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Functionality Builder

How can I gain access to the Functionality Builder?

There are two types of access to the Functionality Builder:

  • Clients are given a log in to allow them to input their organisations’ ESSENTIAL, DESIRABLE and USEFUL functionality items in a ticketing/CRM system, which are later compared to supplier functionalities.
  • Suppliers are given access to input their product capabilities and road-map items for their ticketing/CRM systems, which are used to match against client functionality needs.

Do I have to pay to use the Functionality Builder?

Access to the Functionality Builder is a paid service offered by The Ticketing Institute (sample packages), with North American clients served by our partner Group of Minds.

Is Functionality Builder only available in the UK?

No, we offer the Functionality Builder in many countries, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Can I add my system to the Functionality Builder?

Yes, and it does not cost you anything! We love adding new systems all of the time, drop us a line and we can set your company up to allow you input your criteria.

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    Can I see the scores of all systems before I start?

    No, this is not possible. The system is designed to fairly match systems and their functionality against the needs of the organisation. Once your criteria have been input a comprehensive report of scores is produced to show how well systems match your needs, their shortfalls or areas of very good matches, along with commentary from us.

    Does the Functionality Builder allow for submission of bids by suppliers?

    No, we do not facilitate bids or proposal submissions. These can either be handled through your own internal procurement department, or we have a number of packages to help with construction of your RFP package, along with distribution to vendors and bid evaluations.

    Systems Registered on the Functionality Builder

    Screen shots of the Functionality Builder

    Organisations enter their requirements in over 640 unique criteria, answering each one, as either an ESSENTIAL, DESIRABLE, USEFUL or UNWANTED piece of Functionality. These inputs can be from multiple members of the organisation’s staff role.

    We often find that the criteria themselves spark debate and help shape future planning within the organisation on ticketing and CRM policy.

    It is NOT possible for vendors to see the organisation is using the tool or the answers that they have given. This prevents the possibility of answers being manipultated by vendors to gain advantage.

    Vendors only have to answer their functionality once, as opposed for every RFP, which save them a great deal of time.

    When they update their versions or functionality they can just alter those elements. Each update is logged and the system takes snapshots of a vendor’s answers at the end of the RFI / RFP process. These answers are sometimes adjoined to contracts for vendors to contract to the answers they have given.

    Once the organisation has input all of their details or when their RFP dictates, a snapshot is taken of the vendor’s answers to each of the functionality criteria.

    The system can produce multiple interactive reports to allow organisations to drill down into various sections, or individual criteria to see vendors’ answers or notes on each item.

    As part of our consultancy services we often help interpret and summarize the data into themes, challenges and areas for investigation during the system demonstration stages of the procurement.

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      Recent Views on using the Functionality Builder

      Selecting the right box office system is one of the important business decisions a venue has to make.

      Functionality Builder simplified the most complex part of this process by covering all the elements that we needed to think about and consequently making the initial assessment very straightforward. From there on the Ticketing Institute’s approach brought a level of neutrality between us and the bidders that allowed us to really take stock, understand our needs and maintain an objective approach to analysing each tender.  Given the level of investment in the system using the Ticketing Institute gave us absolute confidence in the system we chose and, as such, represents excellent value for money; I would certainly use them again on any similar project.

      Nick Hallam, Marketing & Communications Director, West Yorkshire Playhouse

      The Functionality builder was an invaluable tool in our system procurement process.  It allowed us to quickly build up a detailed, measurable and unbiased assessment of the major solutions on the market.  The Functionality Builder clearly identified the systems which we should look at as best fits based on our specific operational requirements, and those which could be discounted from the process.  I would recommend this as a part of any venues system procurement strategy

      Kenny McKinnon, Box Office Manager, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland