Syx Ticketing, a technology leader in the leisure industry for more than 30 years, launches enviso trade, easily connecting venues with resellers to boost ticket reselling


Ypres, 18 January 2018 – Syx Ticketing launches enviso trade, a new cloud reselling platform that easily connects venues with resellers.


The traditional way of establishing partnerships and managing resellers involves lengthy, manual processes. Resellers typically get a large volume of ticket barcodes for reselling. This makes venues lack real-time insights into sales performance of resellers and they can’t manage their reselling channels in real-time. This is where enviso trade comes in.


Enviso trade provides recreatex customers with a pre-built cloud connection to distribute their tickets to a global ecosystem of resellers. With our ‘no cure, no pay model’, our customers can also easily start distributing tickets to new resellers channels. An open API can be used to connect new resellers or other ticketing back-office systems.


Venues can add their existing resellers to the enviso trade portal. This way, traditional resellers can download barcodes or order tickets on demand. Using this self-service approach, customers can already optimize and streamline their reseller processes, providing an easy transition from an analog to a fully digital reselling process. Venues can easily monitor reseller performance and optimise their sales in real-time. The reseller gets access to direct-to-gate admission tickets. This saves the need to exchange barcodes at the front office and also provides a seamless visitor experience.


Last but not least, enviso trade excels in social deal-making:  discovering and closing deals with the speed and ease of social networks! Once connected, venues can easily categorize their partners, allocating reselling capacity and commissions per category, changing ticket distribution in real-time. Venues can also partner up with other venues, bundling their offers as ‘digital combi-tickets’.


Dimitri Degraeve, CTO Syx Ticketing, adds: “We are proud to announce enviso, our new software product line that is built on cutting-edge cloud technology and designed to easily scale with future customer needs. Enviso is a modular cloud platform, enabling us to add new innovative cloud apps on top of our core recreatex platform. We also work with trusted partners to automate our software delivery and provide 24/7 support, critical for global reselling. With enviso, our team has built a next generation solution that enhances the visitor and operator experience end-to-end, making sure that every visit matters.


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About Syx Ticketing

Syx Ticketing has been providing ticketing and leisure management solutions for the arts and cultural sector, visitor attractions and leisure industry customers for the last 30 years. 150 ticketing professionals work closely with international clients offering superior technology and fully customisable software aligned to each individual organisation’s specific needs.

ReCreateX is the state-of-the-art software application that processes high volume ticket sales, memberships and event bookings. The software includes bespoke modules such as sophisticated CRM and has an easy to use Point Of Sale front end which processes ticket sales including invoicing and itineraries, retail, food & beverages and course bookings management.

We are proud of our + 800 customers using ReCreateX and these include: The Tower Bridge, The View from the Shard, The Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Pairi Daiza, Amsterdam-, Rotterdam- and Antwerp Zoo, the Royal Museums Greenwich plus many more spread across the UK and mainland Europe