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TopTix is a partner of The Ticketing Institute.  TopTix have matched their SRO Version 4 system capabilities against the Functionality Builder and achieved one of the highest scores.  This is a state-of-the-art solution.

TopTix, based in Israel, was founded in 2000, and has become one of the world’s largest ticketing software development centres, located at Karmiel, developing and licensing ticketing systems and software solutions for performing arts venues, ticket agencies, museums, sports stadiums, theme parks, internet ticketing portals, and cinemas.

Their system is called SRO (Standing Room Only) and in their latest ‘Version 4’ brings a powerful and versatile ticketing & CRM engine, providing an intuitive and easy to use working environment.  Many people do not know directly about TopTix because the company has used distributors in different territories, and indeed has changed some of these over the years.  So in the UK, SRO has been known as Artifax Ticketing, distributed by Artifax, when it pioneered selling seats live off the plan at the Southbank Centre in London, and until late 2014 was sold in the UK as The Patron Edge, supplied to the not-for-profit sector by Blackbaud.  This situation has ended in the UK but continues in the US, with Blackbaud selling the system to the not-for-profit sector.   TopTix are now directly responsible for selling,  implementing the system and providing software support in the UK, led by Karl Vosper who has been with the system from the beginning.

TopTix systems are installed at over 800 venues and ticketing sites in 15 countries, worldwide, with Version 4 rolling out as a major in-line upgrade.  The differences with Version 3 are significant, with extensive added functionality, built on easy to interface architecture and core database structures.  TopTix have developed special database migration tools to make it a straightforward upgrade for their users, though there will need to be re-training, especially to get the most out of the added features, including their ground-breaking Rules Engine.

In the Benelux countries it is supplied by Ticketing Software Benelux based in Amsterdam, headed by Desiree de Koning and her team; good examples of installations are De Singel in Antwerp: and Het Koninklijk Concertgebouw in Amsterdam:  In Australia, it is headed by Ian English, stalwart of for many years, now at  in the US, reach their colleagues based in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina through the TopTix parent website or email:

Contact Rachael Easton, head of marketing and sales in the UK:

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October 2014