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Ever since young Irish graduate entrepreneur Hugh Morain signed up his fledgling ticketing business in Dublin with San Diego based software developers Seat Advisor, his company has been devising solutions for the arts and entertainment sector which cross into providing services as well as systems.  As a system usually supplied as “pay-as-you-go” they are busy working closely with their users, because with recessions in their main markets in the UK, Ireland and the US, a 10% drop in ticket sales is serious.  However, they have also offered some multi-year fixed price deals to venues in the UK, such as Cambridge Corn Exchange.

Seat Adviser Box Office (SABO) therefore helps users out with advice on campaigns and promotions and an increasing suite of tools, including Purple Seven’s Vital Statistics bundled in.  The tools extend to neatly printed procedural manuals about what to use the system for as well as how to do it.??  With over a 1,000 customers globally, mostly small to medium sized arts and entertainment organisations, but increasingly some sports, it is selling 20 million tickets a year for about 3,000 venues.

Solely cloud-based, able to run on all platforms, with versions for iPads and iPhones, including scanners for barcoded tickets, SABO will soon be an HTML 5 optimised version of the system, increasing flexibility.  Intriguing innovation: using their architecturally accurate seating plans, mousing over a seat on the plan can produce a view from seat or area plus a distance from stage and viewing angle.  Real clarity for the customer.  No wonder SABO users often report over 40% on-line sales; Cambridge Corn Exchange saw an immediate increase in on-line sales compared with their previous system.

SeatAdvisor are re-thinking their pricing models in discussion with users.  They already give a 30% discount for up-front payment for extended licenses, and their tiered support levels include some marketing services at Gold level.  Their incorporated email solution enables automated emails, such as “thank you for attending” plus surveys, etc.  Print-at-home tickets can have colateral insers such as accompanying pdfs to sell on and up.??  Demo site: and details from:

SeatAdvisor is now both a pay-as-you-go solution with SeatAdvisor supplying the hardware as well as a fixed price up-front purchase for their SABO (SeatAdvisor Box Office) ticketing system software.  Since they bring pre-accredited card payments through them, they claim they can set up a new venue in five days, without up-front costs.  However, the pay-as-you-go basis can make it an expensive solution costed over five years, compared with their fixed price package..

Cambridge Corn Exchange give the system a positive reference, especially for their hands on support.  More feedback needed from users to:

Information and sales enquiries to Patrick Marren: <>


October 2013