Patron Technology

Patron Technology Based in Manhattan, New York, Patron Technology was founded in 2001 and is led by Eugene Carr, who has published three books on e-marketing, comes from an arts background, and “strives to revolutionize the arts industry by offering world class CRM, ticketing, and e-mail marketing technology at a price that every organization can afford.”

Don’t get confused about all these Patron named products: PatronBase is the ticketing system from New Zealand, distributed in the UK and Australia; PatronEdge is the ticketing system from Blackbaud in the UK and US; Patron Technology brings you Patron Mail and PatronManager CRM.

Enterprisingly, Gene Carr has worked to find an affordable and pay-as-you-go solution to meet the needs of arts organisations wanting to manage their relationships with customers, especially for handling ticketing and donations: “PatronManager CRM is a Customer Relationship Management system, which is a new patron-centered way of operating your organization. With PatronManager CRM, you will run your box office, access your individual donations, track grants from businesses or foundations, manage your e-mail marketing efforts with PatronMail, report on ticket sales, maintain your calendar, document day-to-day correspondence, and create reminders of tasks on your “to do” list — all in one web-based, integrated system.”

Gene is introducing this solution into the UK alongside his Patron Mail, already widely used in the UK.  Will be finding out more.