Monad Industries is a new ticketing system supplier, based in Knighton in Powys in Wales.  Ben Curthoys has set up the company and developed its new system: Monad Tickets.  As of January 2011, it is ready for its first customer.

Ben was Technical Director at Artifax and then Director of System Development at Galathea STS which until April 2010 was the supplier of the ENTA system.  Ben left Galathea in 2009 to write himself a new ticketing system, because he thought he stood the best chance of creating a high quality system by starting from scratch.

What has emerged is an entirely web hosted system, obviously browser-based, needing only a small app on the local terminals.  Intriguingly, he has unbundled the conventional architecture of a ticketing system and broken the traditional hierarchy of ticket sales first, with everything else as extras:

  • By selling everything as a ‘product’ there are no restrictions on what you can ‘sell’ and what can go into a package in the shopping cart.
  • By separating ‘selling’ from delivery, where and how the ‘ticket’ is ever printed, or sent to, is simply one of many options.
  • By designing only one interface so that on-line purchasers and Box Office staff use the same screens, then usability and flow effectiveness is optimised, and ease of use is guaranteed.

And pricing schemes and discounts are applied generically to a performance or ‘product’ with the ability to have percentage discounts applied ‘on the fly’ according  to various rules.  Sales promotions can apply the “buy three and get the cheapest one free” type offer.  Packages can be designed and laid over prices and discounts, with auto-prompts to sales staff if customers choose qualifying items.  There are dynamic pricing tools so that prices can be adjusted up (or down) according to the rate of sale per performance or event.  These are tools and functionalities which some of the biggest systems cannot yet deliver.  Website ticket sales offer an interesting combination of best available and actual seat selection with some interesting algorithms for managing how the house is dressed.

Monad Tickets is available on a ‘per ticket fee’ Software as a Service (SAAS) model, hosted on Amazon’s EC2 “cloud”.  I have commented elsewhere on this SAAS and ticket fee model, also used by other suppliers.  Suffice to say you need to be confident about your broadband connections and whether the pay-as-you-go per-ticket-fee model is the right payment method for your organisation.  Ben’s track record in the industry provides a safe pair of hands for system development, reflected in what he has delivered so far.  Now he needs some early adopters.

Contact Ben Curthoys directly to talk about Monad Tickets: