Known in Germany as CTS Eventim, this company is the largest supplier of ticketing services and systems to the German speaking market, also operating as the major ticket agent, similar to Ticketmaster.  For some years it has been on an aggressive expansion strategy by mergers and takeovers and is now the largest ticketing company in Europe; it is in the process of converting to international English as the company business language.

Based in Bremen in Germany, to the surprise of many, Eventim secured the global Live Nation contract for ticketing services, displacing Ticketmaster across the world.  Live Nation went on to merge with Ticketmaster – an interesting vertical integration – and then ended the contract with Eventim, before much implementation in the UK.  Ironically, Eventim having entered the UK market to increase competition, ushered in by Live Nation, it has not yet become the third force expected, despite having a powerful suite of software used in continental Europe for those wanting in-house solutions.  Eventim has opened a UK office in London, secured experienced staff from other suppliers, and is preparing to pursue new business.

The core Eventim ticketing system is a long established, now somewhat old, code line, which offers sophisticated functionality, since it has to meet the needs of high end users across Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, in opera houses, theatres, and concert halls, with complex subscription, membership and marketing schemes. From an operator point-of-view the sales interface can appear clunky, and it is not the most user-friendly of solutions.  It has recently been extended in functionality with the addition of CRM and business analysis tools bolted on to the system which improves usability for reporting and marketing.

Eventim could prove an interesting new player in the systems marketplace in the UK.