Boulder Colorado based Choice Ticketing Systems, with over 230 users across the US, is rolling out its new ChoiceCRM ticketing, marketing and CRM solution.  ChoiceCRM is a browser-based, “in-the-cloud” solution that delivers considerable flexibility and control. The software delivers the functionality from their proven ticketing software suite, now built-upon the Sales Force open-source CRM product. With a major development ‘Road Map’ for additional functionality, the system is heading for ‘state-of-the-art’ as a serious competitor for the systems from the largest international suppliers.

The original Choice ticketing solution was built by Doug Crothers of Guaranteed Software Execution (GSE) for the Toledo Symphony Orchestra, and then developed as a sector solution for arts organisations, with an emphasis on providing a high end product at an economical price. From Doug Crothers efforts, Choice Ticketing Systems was born in 1991.

The new ChoiceCRM system encompasess Customer Relationship Management, consumer orientated Interrnet Ticketing, Single, Subscription, Membership & Group Ticketing, Fundraising & Membership Contributions Management, Volunteer Management, Access Control & Print-at-Home Ticketing, Accounting-Based Controls.  Building on Sales Force capabilities, it enables tracking of customer behaviours, tracking people, companies and sales opportunities.  It offers real-time Dashboards & User Metrics for sales, marketing and development activities and opportunities and includes marketing analytics. Tools to project ROI help focus and target Email Marketing & Social Media and track real-time response rates.  Flexible reporting can be based on customer market segmentation, transaction history, customer attributes, demographics and psychographics.

The new ChoiceCRM software has not been evaluated by The Ticketing Institute.  ChoiceCRM has matched their system capabilities against the Functionality Builder and achieved a good score, with many developments to follow in their next version upgrade.


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