Agile Ticketing Solutions

Based in Hermitage (Nashville) Tennessee,  the Agile philosophy is that ‘one size does NOT fit all’ when it comes to ticketing, so their adaptive software enables venues, producers and promoters to put their personal stamp on how to market and sell tickets for their events.  That said, it has developed some specific solutions for the Performing Arts, for Conferences, for Festivals, and for Portal Providers.

Agile Ticketing Solutions offers frequent additions to functionality and regular system upgrades, and encourages users to identify functionality they need so it can be added in their ‘agile’ way.  Nashville Film Festival is a user: Sally Mayne Executuve Director: “We spent time describing the film festival ticketing needs and were amazed at how well it ran the first year under the new system.  Agile continues to improve the ticket system, and we are so pleased we have since moved our membership services to Agile.”  Customer support is 24/7 with specialist IT and technical support available.  For festivals, Agile can rent all the equipment required, and supply all the peripherals: tickets, passes etc.  Their stated approach is to “custom-fit” the system to users.

The Agile software has not been reviewed or evaluated by The Ticketing Institute.  Agile have matched their system capabilities against the Functionality Builder and achieved a high score.  Feedback is requested from users.

Agile Ticketing Solutions:

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