Advanced Ticketing

Advanced Ticketing is a re-branding of IRIS Ticketing, after the latter was purchased by the Advanced Computer Software Group plc.  IRIS was a partner of The Ticketing Institute.  IRIS had matched their ‘Venue’ system capabilities against the Functionality Builder and achieve a high score.

Before this latest takeover, IRIS had merged and their TicketingSolutions with Talent from Software4Sport at the end of 2008 under the IRIS brand and a new company IRIS Ticketing, under MD Mark Dewell.  So IRIS entered the arts and entertainment market with the system originally offered by Matthew Hare and his team at in Kidlington, working with system developer Programski running Dragon Ticketing based in Slovenia which provides the software for IRIS.

Head of development Aljaz Mavric makes the point that Slovenia (just round from Venice) only has 2 million people and their clients already include all the major venues such as the National Opera House in Ljubljana so they needed to be supplying to other European markets. Their road map includes migrating onto mobiles and into social media and Facebook, with integration arriving in major new modules, including a campaign and communications module, developed by Purple Seven.  They are aiming to match ‘state-of-the-art’ functionality with the major suppliers at the top of the range.

IRIS ‘ticketing solutions’ system users included for example The National Trust and Wolverhampton Grand Theatre, and the Elgiva in Buckinghamshire.  The Wolverhampton Grand have led on the functionality requirements reflected in a major new relesase in June 2012, with more to come in 2013.  Interesting innovations in packaging of events, especially self-service, to enable multi-buy options, even across different venues, with varying ingredients, putting the ticket purchaser more in control.

Advanced Ticketing say on their website they will have completed re-branding IRIS Ticketing “by September 2013” which does not appear to be the case.  Their contact details are or phone 0844 815 5732 for Software Sales.  It is not known what their plans are.