Having opened a US office in New York to front a drive into the North American marketplace, Spektrix has confirmed that its current focus will be on the UK and the US.  To that end it has announced that it is closing down its service provision in Spain, as of November 2015.  It is also declining, despite interest in their system, to tender into other European countries at present, as part of that focus.

Their advice to current customers in Spain states: “We have made the difficult decision to withdraw Spektrix from the Spanish market in 2015.  We know that Spektrix has a devoted following in Spain who will be sad to see it go and we are sad to disappoint you. However, after three years of hard work in a challenging market, we have realised the timing simply isn’t right.  As a result, we are no longer taking on any new customers in Spain. Existing customers will all be able to continue using Spektrix until 30 November 2015, and full assistance will be given to all customers in extracting their data from Spektrix to be used in a new system.”

Of course the ticketing marketplace in Spain has been disrupted by the adverse effects of the recession there, including impact on the regional banks which used to provide popular ticketing services.  Many arts and entertainment organisations have been struggling to survive after cuts in funding and reduced attendances.  The increase in the VAT rates for arts and entertainment has also led to some surprising alternatives to ticket sales, such as charging by the laugh or selling porn and giving free admission to shows.  Definitely a challenging market.

Spektrix, now with over 180+ users in the UK, continuously expanding its functionality, with a major extension into fund-raising tools, is well placed to take its ‘software as a service’ offer into the US.  It has a stand at INTIX in Denver 13-15 January 2015.