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  4. 2015 Survey Results

    Thank You! Thank you for spending your valuable time in completing the 2015 Ticketing System Satisfaction and Market Survey, we really do appreciate it. The…

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  5. The 2015 Satisfaction and State of the Market Survey

    Satisfaction, it’s hard to quantify sometimes, hard for organisations, hard for vendors and that’s also true for consultants(!) Which systems are delivering today’s and tomorrow’s…

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  6. Upcoming Conferences and Sessions

      Ticketing Professionals 2019 Join over 350 ticketing and marketing professionals from around the World for two days of education and sharing.    ICC, Birmingham  21sth /22nd…

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  7. Add Your Product / Service

    We are always looking to keep the Ticketing Institute up-to-date with news and listings from suppliers. If you would like to add your product or…

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  8. Supplier Listing

    Supplier Listing This listing is of the ticketing systems and suppliers to the sports, arts and entertainment sectors. We list them as a service to…

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  10. How much should a ticketing system cost?

    That question used to be asked by Finance Directors and General Managers.  Now it is also asked by CEOs and Artistic Directors, because the costs have become…

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