AudienceView appoints new Interim Managing Director for the UK region

AudienceView is continuing to forge a strong presence in the UK market for both arts and sports organizations – we see all the innovative ways you and your organizations both push the envelope and also stay true to preserving traditions that go back in time.

As one of the world’s top 3 entertainment markets, our commitment to you remains high. Please read our official announcement for the appointment of Jeff Koets as Interim Managing Director for UK – we are excited to continue to make our team on the ground stronger and our service levels top notch!

About AudienceView

AudienceView is a complete entertainment business solutions provider. With over $2 billion in annual transactions, our innovative and engaging software is helping more than 550 venues in 15 countries deliver exceptional shopping, in-venue and customer experiences. The self-serve, e-commerce, ticketing and events management portals enable success for events of all sizes or types.  Learn more, or connect with the company on Facebook and Twitter.