Let INTIX help you cross the pond and join us in 2019! INTIX is more committed, than ever before, to provide opportunities for our international colleagues to experience INTIX, the best conference of the entertainment ticketing industry.  We are deeply aware that cost and organization funding to attend a conference in the US can be a barrier.  Therefore INTIX is dedicating funds, specifically, to underwrite scholarships and financial assistance to non-North American attendees.  We want to give the funding away so we urge you to consider submitting an application.  It is important to note that you need not be a member to apply and in fact you can, actually, apply for membership to INTIX as part of your submission!   


INTIX’s Professional Development and Education (PD&E) Fund provides financial assistance to organizations or individuals that otherwise could not attend the conference. Scholarships and financial assistance is available to cover the cost of registration, membership, and/or travel expenses associated with attending the annual conference and are awarded based on demonstrated need.

Apply by July 30, 2018!


“I would encourage anyone to apply for an INTIX grant, as a 2018 recipient it gave me the opportunity to participate in the conference in a more direct way. I was able to feel truly part of the conference, and enjoyed meeting my fellow recipients and helping with the live auction. The INTIX community is amazing, as an International member we can sometimes feel remote, but when we gather together it reminds us we are all dealing with the same issues and we can learn from each other’s experiences.” – International Grant Recipient, Jo Michel, Australia




Did you ever need a leg up in your career?  Have you ever wanted to pay it forward for the help you have had? Honor those who helped you by helping INTIX help others. The INTIX PD&E Fund is funded annually by the generous contributions of our members and partners. Please consider making a donation to help underwrite expenses for a colleague to attend the Annual Conference. By donating to the PD&E Fund you are contributing to the direct development of your valued colleagues and raising the bar for continued professionalism throughout our Industry. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Ignite success and donate to the PD&E Fund directly in support of a colleague!


You may also contact INTIX at info@intix.org or +1 212.629.4036 to make your contribution over the phone or for additional information.