Stay22, a Montreal-based startup whose accommodation solution bridges the gap between events and lodging for event goers, is expanding its client base to include event producers and promoters, and touring artists. Stay22, which recently raised $750,000 in seed money, can create lodging solutions for loyal fans to see their favourite live show or event anywhere in the world.

Stay22 provides a free widget that curates hotel and Airbnb listings close to the event destination which both event organizers and ticket providers can embed on their respective website and platforms. Stay22 offers a revenue share deal with the organizations through a pay-per-booking model. Since the widget is embedded on the event website, attendees can book their stay while registering for the event.

Many high-profile music acts have developed a hardcore fan base who will travel across the U.S. to see their favorite act, including Pearl Jam, the first band to partner with Stay22’s solution. Stay22 recently entered into a similar partnership with Weezevent, the first self-service ticketing and RFID solution based in France.

“Pearl Jam recognizes the value and convenience we can bring to their Ten Club members,” said Andrew Lockhead, CEO of Stay22. “We’re grateful for this partnership, and we look forward to providing a high-quality experience for their fan base when searching for the best deals for their stay during their upcoming U.S. shows.”

Stay22 is pursuing similar partnerships with other live touring acts, concert promoters, festival organizers and shows that attract a sizeable out-of-town visitor base to provide their fans access the breadth of accommodations available in the surrounding area close to the venue.

The company can also apply its solution to event producers, planners and promoters, sports teams and tournaments, competitive leagues, and individual sports competitions.

“Stay22 is excited to take the lead in transforming the event travel industry when it comes to how booking accommodations for events should be done,” added Lockhead. “In the touring business, enabling event travelers to have a great experience in booking accommodations is the first step to attract attendees to events.”

Formed in 2016, Stay22 provided more than $600,000 in accommodation bookings in the first quarter of 2018. Stay22’s widget was used for more than 600 events in 20 countries. It has more than 6.5 million listings globally from suppliers including Airbnb, Expedia, and

Stay22 is eager to arrange new partnerships and is currently setting up introductory meetings with meeting planners, show organizers, and other organizations. Learn more at