Ron Evans

Ron Evans is a leading developer and researcher of arts marketing technology.  His primary area of interest is the exploration of emerging technologies and their impact on arts patron behaviour.  He is committed to helping arts audiences increase their understanding, appreciation, and frequency of attendance, through technology.

He has a history in the field of social interactions using technology, including user interface design for arts and cultural portals, video game design/human interaction studies, mobile app development, and social media interaction. His firm,, assists arts and cultural organizations to increase the audience’s enjoyment, understanding, and frequency of attendance.

He is a frequent speaker at regional and national conferences in the US, including the National Arts Marketing Project (NAMP), the Association for Performing Arts Service Organizations (APASO), and Arts Reach.  His current research is focusing on consumer psychology and behavior in the realm of arts and cultural attendance — what motivates patrons to attend and become engaged with the art, and how can technology such as advanced online ticketing and CRM systems assist in the process. Arts Marketing + Technology Consultants is based in San Jose, California, USA.