CAP – Spektrix Compliance




CAP Guidelines – what’s Spektrix doing about the new rules?

Spektrix provides users with options for configuring per ticket, per transaction and payment method fees if they wish. Regardless of the fee structure put in place, sales channels at the box office and within their website are compliant with the regulation, always highlighting the charges wherever the price is referenced in the purchase path.

We currently offer a feature called ‘donation on the way to checkout’ during the online booking process. It allows Spektrix users to ask bookers for a donation of a suggested amount on the way to the checkout. The suggested donation can be set to any amount or to zero and is not automatically added into the basket. Instead bookers can either accept the suggested donation (or any other amount they would like to donate) or continue without adding the donation.


Spektrix APIv3

The latest version of the Spektrix API, along with a range of Spektrix web components, provides web developers with a brand new, cutting edge and fully customisable integration option that works on any device. For the first time the full sales functionality of the Spektrix system is available for customisation on Spektrix users’ websites. Web developers now have the flexibility to very easily create a very modern and immersive booking experience using the latest JavaScript functionality for a slick UI. This gives Spektrix users the opportunity to offer their customers an excellent web experience and to maximise sales and donations.