CAP – AudienceView Compliance







AudienceView is fully supportive of the regulations set by the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) and is eager to help its clients comply with the parameters set out by governing bodies in any region where they sell tickets.

In developing the tools to enable compliance, AudienceView spoke with the Society of Ticket Agents & Retailers (STAR), CAP, and the Ticketing Institute to ensure the necessary support for any organisation using its solution to comply with ticket fee transparency regulations.

AudienceView has implemented tools to show the final ticket price inclusive of fees at every point of the e-commerce experience, including seat selection. This ASA Compliance Feature can be easily turned on by an organisation using AudienceView. For added clarity, it automatically displays the total cost broken down by ticket price and fees.

Additionally, an asterisk next to a total ticket price indicates that this amount includes a per-ticket fee and that the full cost makeup showing ticket price and fees is available to the consumer. For calculated charges, such as per-order or charges based on the user selection (i.e. delivery charges), AudienceView allows the system operator to configure content describing those charges, which becomes a pop-up link under wherever the ticket price is quoted.

AudienceView continues to monitor the progress of CAP compliance and industry trends in ticket fee transparency, as well as work with external consultants like the Ticketing Institute to ensure clients remain on the forefront of all industry regulations.