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eTaaS Summit launches their updated program


The first eTicketing as a Service Summit will be hosted by Oxynade, a Belgian 100% white label ticketing partner, on Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th of September 2018, in the magical Phantasialand (Germany).


With their inspiring and interactive 2-day program, they’ll cover 8 topics, by a diverse range of specialists. Today they launch their updated program, which can be found on their eTaaS Summit webpage.


Hans Nissens, CEO of Oxynade shares his excitement: “It’s becoming a huge success with already more than 40 confirmed attendees, from 14 different countries.  We invited Dr Marcus Garbe who will talk about the changing landscape of the ticketing industry. The presentation from Aula, a cooperation between a radio station and a ticketing agency, looks very interesting as well.”


If you would still like to join, you should hurry to their website for the final tickets. They’re closing down when they reach 50 attendees.


Introducing                                          is the solution for everyone who wants to allow ticket buyers to select their seat.

Launched in 2014, is a SaaS plugin that enables its customers to:

  • Quickly draw and adapt beautiful and effective floor plans, without any need for coding;
  • Integrate seamlessly into your ticket purchase flow, increasing conversion rates by up to 50%;
  • Use interactive floor plans across all platforms, including mobile;
  • Optimize venue occupation;
  • And manage availability for each event, while ensure real-time updated availability to avoid double bookings of seats.


Aimed at ticketing technology platforms and venues with a ticketing system, empowers its customers by enabling them to draw, adapt and use seating charts for any kind of venue, theatre, stadium, table seating or conference floor from 50 to 50,000 seats.

Its powerful state of the art designer tool makes the detailed production of a 20,000 seats stadium easy, comfortable and effective. A couple of hours of work in your browser, and you’re ready to go live. Adaptations take minutes, instead of weeks.


The API based integration can be done in a matter of days and allows you to show those beautiful floor plans on any platform, in any technology, on any web-connected device.


In addition, you can manage availability of seats for a specific performance through the Event Manager, giving you full control and flexibility.


Finally, a set of tools and algorithms like “best available” and “no single seats” allows you to optimise venue occupation: sell out faster and leave no seat unused.


Some our clients include: See Tickets, Billetto, The Oscars, Flowte, Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre, The Royal International Air Tattoo, ShowClix, Ingresso Nacional plus many more.


To find out more visit our website at or contact us at makes reserved seating easy.


Frontend Js Developer –

Frontend Js Developer –

We’re looking for an awesome frontend developer with a can-do attitude.
Sounds like you? Read on!
Note No agencies! We only work with individuals.


We are a small team of 5 people building a pretty cool niche product – reserved seating tools for online ticketing – that grew from a hobby project into a healthy B2B scale-up. We’ve got customers all over the globe, and our interactive floor plans are used to book over 800k seats / month.
We are product builders, meaning we don’t “do” architecture or project management, and we don’t blame. Instead, we experiment, celebrate (even small) wins, and take responsibility as a team.
The Job
Your role, as part of the dev team, is to help design, build and implement the tools that together make up the product suite. In short: you’ll build stuff that matters!
Our current stack contains lots of different tools, frameworks and languages, because not everything is a nail. We don’t expect you to know everything, but sound JavaScript knowledge, and the ability to design and build complex UIs for the web are a minimum.
Other than that, we firmly believe in the benefits of TDD, use git, feature branches and CI, and expect you to as well. Unless you succeed in convincing the team to change, as nothing is set in stone.
We have an office in Tienen (Belgium), if you happen to live nearby that’s awesome. However, we are aware that’s a very long shot, so remote is perfectly fine.

Please do note we’ll only consider candidates who are less than 2 hours’ time zone difference away from Europe/Brussels, send us a picture of Princess Leia with their application – just so we know you read this – and have previous experience with working remotely.

This is a full-time position, but we’re flexible. Compensation (salary/rate) to be discussed on application.


• are a problem solver
• have killer js dev skills
• are fluent in English
• are in a time zone close to Europe/Brussels

Extra points if you:

• know how to draw in a browser (canvas, SVG, webgl)
• have experience using client-side MV* frameworks and/or react
• know how to, and can, build complex user interfaces
• have experience with TDD
• can detect code smells from a mile away
• have an opinion. We value – and expect! – your thoughts & input.
• are focused, courageous, open, committed and respectful


Send us an email ( and tell us why you’d be a good fit. makes reserved seating easy

AudienceView & Booking Protect Extend Partnership

AudienceView and Booking Protect Extend Their Partnership

Leeds, United Kingdom – 28 August 2018 – AudienceView and Booking Protect are pleased to announce a three-year extension of their partnership to offer the world’s most innovative refund protection to AudienceView customers around the world.

“We are excited to continue to partner with AudienceView on bringing refund protection to customers around the globe,” says Simon Mabb, Booking Protect CEO. “As customers are being asked to make their ticket purchases further in advance, offering comprehensive refund protection has become a necessity for organizations because consumers can have any number of issues arise prior to their event date. Our product offers them the peace of mind that they crave and demand.”

Supporting more than 2,000 of the world’s most renowned live event venues, teams and organizations across 15 countries, AudienceView offers powerful tools to sell tickets, drive attendee engagement, grow revenue and enable operational efficiencies.

“Our partnership with Booking Protect has been successfully adding value for our clients since 2014. Many attendees who purchase tickets through e-commerce platforms operated by AudienceView are choosing to purchase comprehensive refund protection for their tickets for a nominal fee, which brings in additional revenue for our clients and improves the overall consumer experience,” said Mike Evenson, VP of Strategy for AudienceView. “We look forward to bringing continued innovation to all our clients through our Booking Protect partnership.”

“With our ongoing emphasis in creating the best customer service technology in the world, it is great to continue to work with AudienceView in this successful partnership,” continued Mr. Mabb.

Key Hire for Vibe Tickets

Vibe Signs Female Leader to Challenge Ticketing Monopolies  

Ex-Groupon and ticketscript boss brings growth experience to tech start-up


Vibe Tickets – founded in 2013 by tech entrepreneur Luke Massie – has appointed Hannah Morris as its Commercial Director.

Hannah will lead Vibe’s commercial strategy as the firm continues to attract significant interest from global investors.

A trailblazer and thought-provoking leader with a career that’s included senior positions with Groupon and ticketscript, Hannah will play a key role in expanding the firm’s London presence and accelerating its monetisation plans.

A positive example of ‘women in tech’, Hannah played an instrumental role in building ticketscript which led to its acquisition by Eventbrite in 2017. In the previous year, ticketscript and Eventbrite’s combined European operations processed more than 35 million tickets worth over €500 million.

Hannah said: “I’m incredibly excited to have joined Vibe at such a monumental time in its journey. The team is one of the most passionate and talented I’ve met. They have a desire to innovate and provide consumers with a genuine alternative choice within the ticketing industry.

“This business was started with a desire to find a better way of doing things – that driver is still at the centre of Vibe’s mission. Luke Massie, the group’s founder and CEO is one of the major reasons I joined Vibe, his determination to revolutionise the industry is really inspiring. I’m looking forward to leading the team with strategies that will amplify their achievements and accelerate growth.”


Hannah Morris

Hannah Morris

Vibe has processed over £10m worth of tickets on its platform in the last 12 months alone through a purely organic growth model. Vibe’s popularity continues to grow as consumers are becoming more aware of the industry’s failings.

With artists such as Ed Sheeran and Paul McCartney recently caught-up in the ticketing furore and discussions being raised in Parliament, the future of ticketing is a hot topic. Vibe’s message is that resale is needed, but how it’s currently being delivered is wrong. Sir Richard Branson showed his support for Vibe’s founder after being runner-up in Virgin Media’s VOOM 2016 competition.

On Hannah’s appointment, Luke said: “The commercial role is one of the most crucial for Vibe in its current position – we need someone of the highest calibre, with the right experience to action our big plans and the right attitude to bring the best out of our talented team. Hannah ticks all of those boxes. Her expertise will accelerate our growth plans and allow me to manage the interest we’re receiving from investors which has peaked in recent weeks.”

 “We’re very aware that the gender gap in the tech space needs to be addressed and start-ups like Vibe should lead that charge. Hannah is keen to share her experience of a successful career in tech, to encourage girls into STEM subjects and to champion women in the tech sector. Hannah has already been visiting schools, spreading Vibe’s message and inspiring the next generation of women in Tech. Vibe will continue to support her in that.”

 Luke continued: “We have a real belief that if we are going to solve all of the issues in the secondary market, then we need to solve problems in the primary as well. Hannah is a great fit for Vibe with our big ambitions to change the marketplace for the benefit of fans.

“Hannah’s appointment is one of a number of significant decisions we’ve made in recent months as we respond to unprecedented interest in Vibe’s overall vision. We expect to announce more important news in the coming weeks.”

STAR Appoints Richard Brundle as New Chairman

The Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers (STAR) is very pleased to announce the appointment of Richard Brundle as its new Chairman. Brundle was approved unanimously at STAR’s recent AGM and takes over from Adrian Sanders who has retired after two and a half years in the role.

As Managing Director of the ticket agency Edwards and Edwards, Richard Brundle was part of the original team that created STAR in the mid-1990s and was a STAR council member from 1997–2001. He was a board member of INTIX (International Ticketing association) 1997-2000 and he, along with colleagues, managed the INTIX offshoot ETT (Europe Talks Tickets) from 2003 to 2009.

Richard is a qualified accountant who has specialised in the theatre, entertainment, and hospitality industries, and who has a particular knowledge and passion for ticketing. He has held numerous senior and board level positions in the commercial theatre and entertainment industries for 30 years.

Through his consultancy, RCNA Partnership, Richard has supported well-known clients such as the Society of London Theatres’ (SOLT), where he initiated and ran the first four of their Get Into London Theatre campaigns; Ambassador Theatre Group, the largest European theatre group; Fiery Angel, producers of West End and touring hits; The Art of the Brick temporary art exhibition; and many others.

He has spoken at conferences and seminars on entertainment issues extensively in the UK, the US and Europe and is a board member of London Welsh Amateur Rugby Club.

Speaking to STAR’s members at the AGM, Brundle said, “Many splinter groups have come into existence to put their own version of what ticketing should look like in 2018. Some have their own agendas to promote and validate their own business model, others seem to be on a crusade and we have still more groups trying to bring order in a commercial world which has many different levels of complexity to it.

“STAR needs to unify where it can, lead the ticketing charter, and to make a difference in how people choose to buy their tickets. “STAR ‘s role must be to help to ensure that the public are well informed and clear before they purchase a ticket. The public need to know that whoever they buy their ticket from is it a legal transaction or not, and where to turn to if something goes wrong.”

One of Richard’s immediate aims is for the ticketing and wider entertainment industry to meet the challenges set out in Attitude is Everything’s recent State of Access Report. He said, “We need to bring together as many parties as possible to make tickets available to all, including those with access issues. Great strides have started on that and one of my goals is bring an industry wide standard in this area.”

STAR members include all the biggest names in entertainment ticketing and the organisation is committed to high standards of service and information for ticket buyers.

Jonathan Brown, Chief Executive of STAR said, “It’s great to have Richard on board again. He knows the ticketing industry inside-out and, as a founder of STAR, he has great clarity and vision about strengthening and extending STAR’s role in safeguarding the interests of the ticket-buying public and the industry its members serve. He has tremendous support from the membership and I know that the STAR Council are looking forward very much to working under Richard’s leadership

Yesplan on Tour Again

Come and join our webinar and find out how Yesplan can simplify your venue and event planning

If you’re feeling the heat from using old disparate systems like spreadsheets, mountains of emails and multiple calendars to coordinate your events then our next webinar is for you!

On July 17th at 2pm, Patrick Morsman will be hosting an introduction to Yesplan, taking you through the basics and letting you see just how intuitive it is.

This online webinar will handle:

  1. One centralised event calendar for all users, with all the information they need and none that they don’t.
  2. Managing locations, resources, people and potential clashes and conflicts.
  3. Simple, one-click reporting.
  4. Integrations with website, signage and other systems.
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Come and meet us in person and find out how Yesplan can help your organisation simplify venue and event planning. Come and see us in London on 18th July. We’ll show you how you can make your life a whole lot easier and save a load of time you can now spend on pampering both clients and artists.

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Take a look at what Lancaster University and University of Kent’s Arts Centre, Gulbenkian are achieving with Yesplan.

A Queue of Over 3 Billion!

Queue-it’s Virtual Waiting Room Surpasses 3 Billion End-Users


COPENHAGEN, Denmark – July 11, 2018 —- Danish technology provider Queue-it announces a historic milestone: over 3 billion end-users have passed through the company’s virtual waiting room platform.

That means 3 billion concertgoers, streetwear enthusiasts, university applicants, and taxpayers have gone through one of the online queues set up by Queue-it’s customers in the ticketing, ecommerce, education, and public sectors.

In 2010, co-foundersNiels Henrik Sodemann, Camilla Ley Valentin and Martin Pronk saw a gap in the increasingly-digital world. All websites and apps have traffic thresholds. But unlike in the physical world, there was no online equivalent to forming an orderly line. So, the three co-founded Queue-it, a virtual waiting room platform that prevents website or app downtime due to traffic peaks.

“This milestone shows how far we’ve come as a company. Eight years and 3 billion users later, here we are. We’re really thrilled with such growth,” says Co-founder and CEO Niels Henrik Sodemann. “We’re very proud of the value Queue-it has provided to our customers, and the fairness and transparency our virtual waiting room has brought to the end-user experience overall,” he adds.

With unresponsive websites, some end-users haphazardly get through to lagging websites or apps, while others don’t.

Queue-it’s virtual waiting room, on the other hand, offloads excess end-users to a customizable queue page, and returns them in a first-come, first-served order. End-users can see their place in line, estimated wait time, and any messages from the website or app administrators. The transparent first-in, first-out system is the most equitable way to process high-traffic events.

Queue-it’s solution also ensures the humanity of queuing by banishing the bots. “It should be people, not bots, who get the coveted concert tickets or the stylish new sneakers” says Co-founder and CCO Camilla Ley Valentin. By deploying Queue-it’s built-in fraud protection, Dutch streetwear retailer Patta was able to flag 80% of those in line as malicious bots.

“With busy Black Friday ecommerce sales just around the corner, we’re already gearing up for our four-billionth end-user, which we expect to surpass this year as well.” says Ley Valentin.




Grand Ole Opry Partners with Booking Protect

Booking Protect Partners With The Grand Ole Opry


Leeds, United Kingdom – 11th July 2018 – The Grand Ole Opry and Booking Protect announce a new partnership to provide visitors to country music’s most famous stage booking protection for their visits to Nashville.


“The Grand Ole Opry is one of America’s treasures,” said Booking Protect CEO, Simon Mabb. “We are truly honored to be a part of helping the Opry ensure that generations of fans and music lovers have the best possible experience.”


The Grand Ole Opry will be offering their customers Booking Protect’s globally recognized booking protection service, ensuring that in the event of life getting in the way of someone’s visit, they don’t lose their investment in their vacation or trip.


Cat Spencer, Vice President of Business Development with Booking Protect, adds, “We are delighted to work with the Opry. As fans of music and live experiences, we are excited that by offering our award winning customer service product, we can ensure that fans of the Opry can make their purchases with the utmost confidence that if something unforeseen occurs, that their experience doesn’t have to be completely filled with disappointment.”

Ticketsource Confirms Audience Finder Integration


Ticketsource / Audience Finder Integration


TicketSource’s free online ticketing platform allows arts & cultural organisations to integrate Audience Finder directly in their box office system. This allows users access to the full potential of the data from over 170 million tickets and 59 million transactions from over 800 arts and cultural organisations in the UK. The insight gained can be critical in the underpinning of organisation’s new audience opportunities and audience development strategies.

If you are a National Portfolio Organisation (NPO), your funding agreement requires you to submit audience data to Audience Finder. TicketSource’s integration enables organisations to continue to meet the funding requirements as set by Arts Council England.

If you are interested in TicketSource’s Audience Finder integration, do not hesitate to get in touch with their dedicated support team today.

Contact TicketSource’s Support Team