The 2015 Satisfaction and State of the Market Survey

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Satisfaction, it’s hard to quantify sometimes, hard for organisations, hard for vendors and that’s also true for consultants(!)

  • Which systems are delivering today’s and tomorrow’s cutting edge solutions at yesterday’s prices?
  • Do senior management appreciate the value for money some of the newer systems are delivering or offering?
  • Are levels of engagement from vendors key in ensuring venues achieve all that they can and should be with software?
  • Do Sports teams feel they get more from their systems than arts organisations?
  • If you are personally involved in selecting a new system, are you more likely to be ‘happy with it’

These are just a few of the questions that we, as a group, have debated over the years, the question has been, how we measure this?

Our answer was to build the 2015 Satisfaction and State of the Market survey to look at some of these questions and themes to see if we could discover the patterns and trends, to allow for discussion and more importantly improvement to be made. The questions were assembled with input from Andrew Thomas, Roger Tomlinson, Ron Evans and Jo Michel, each with their own view on what we should be asking.

It is important for us to outline our intentions with the results we gather. We will not be publishing “league tables” or listings of the best or worst performing systems, but instead looking at the themes above, as well as no doubt many many more. A number of International vendors have expressed in gaining access to “their own” results, which we are hopeful of being able to facilitate.

In order to allow a platform for people to speak openly about how they feel about their system or their relationship with their vendor, we will not be asking for or collecting personal identifiable information, such as venue name, respondent names or emails addresses, however once completed survey respondents will be directed to a page where they can register for update on the results. The email addresses will not be linked to their responses in any way.

When asking people their current system, we have used our latest list of ticketing systems, platforms or providers. If you are a vendor or venue and your system is not on the list, you can fill it in the other box when asked, or email us and we will update our lists.

We encourage as many people, even from the same organisation, from sports to museums, from theatres to attractions to complete this survey and share with their colleagues, co-workers and networks, as the true power from this research will come from the number and variation of respondents.

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