The Ticketing Institute

Core Services We Offer

New Technology Adoption

Are you blinded by NFC or dazzled by beacon technology? We are always happy to help you understand how these technologies could improve your service or bottom line.

New Technology Consultancy - Ticketing and CRM Systems​

We offer multiple packages of consultancy advice and resources to help you find your new ticketing and CRM system

CRM Strategy / Implementation

Do you have a CRM strategy? Do you need one, or just to improve the one you have already? Either way we can help

Box Office / Customer Journey Reviews​

Complete strategic reviews of ticketing operations, from staffing, technology, data capture, online presence and customer service.

Operational Design​

Whether designing a new operation or redesigning an existing one, we can advise on best practice and efficiency

Custom Research, Design and Advice Services​

Working through multiple sales and interaction channels, we can report on current weaknesses and future improvements to the customer journey.